A place for sharing experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake, reflecting on, and talking about “what is nature” and “what it means to live.”

We were forced to learn
the terrible might of tsunamis,
how difficult it is to protect lives,
the sorrow of sudden loss,

and the joy of being there for one another and standing strong in the face of adversity to continue living on.

The MINAMISANRIKU 311 Memorial is a space for everyone to listen to the town’s residents, self-reflect through memories of natural disasters, discuss, and learn from each other.

This small seaside town is a place to reflect on what it means to live in harmony with nature.
Start your journey of reflection here.

Learning Programs

“If I were in the same situation, how would I make decisions and act?” In the Learning Theater, visitors watch videos of firsthand accounts of town residents and discuss with the people around them about how they would make decisions and act if they were faced with similar circumstances. The programs offer visitors an opportunity to gain a fresh understanding of disaster prevention.

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