[New release] We are releasing a new learning program, "Thinking about Life."

The Minamisanriku 311 Memorial offers a learning program in which people learn about natural disasters as if they were their own experiences, based on video testimonies from townspeople who experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Our third learning program, "Thinking about Life," will be released in April.

To date, our museum's Learning Theater has promoted awareness of "protecting lives" through two programs based on testimonies of townspeople's evacuation actions on the day of the earthquake: "Evacuation that determined life and death" and "Can lives be protected in that situation?"
The new film, "Thinking of Life," which will be released this spring, is not just about evacuation from disasters, but also has the main theme of encouraging viewers to think about how we should live in the face of adversity by learning what residents thought after the disaster, the struggles they went through, and the path to recovery.

We hope that people will discover from the way the townspeople live their lives that even if they have lost everything that is important to them, they can still live their lives over and over again, and that the local community can be reborn by everyone talking about the future of the area and joining forces.

Please check here for the screening schedule .

We look forward to seeing many of you there.