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For Those Planning Educational Trips

• About the Learning Programs

In these programs, visitors learn from the experiences of town residents affected by the disaster. Relying on insights from these experiences, participants think about daily preparations for keeping themselves safe in the event of a natural disaster. Participants will record their learnings in their own disaster-prevention booklets and worksheets that they can take home. These can then be used as part of their disaster-prevention education, both at school and at home.

• Minamisanriku Experiential Learning Programs

In addition to the Learning Programs at the MINAMISANRIKU 311 Memorial, there are disaster-prevention education programs that also include tours of the affected areas and talks by local business owners and other members of the community who were at the forefront of the town’s recovery efforts. In these programs, participants hear about the disaster’s impact on the town and the lessons learned from the disaster. We also offer programs where students study about primary industries, the environment, and SDGs. Our learning trips are designed to use the whole community as a field for study.

• Learning Resources

As part of their preliminary learning, students can view the materials in the Archives section of our website. We can also organize online talks (fee required) and share preparatory learning materials.

For Organizations Planning Trainings for Staff

• The Learning Programs

This program is designed to encourage participants to think about natural disaster preparedness that can be implemented in their workplaces and households, taking hints from the accounts of town residents and various industry professionals who experienced the disaster. Participants record their learnings in their own disaster-prevention booklets and worksheets that they can take home.

• Minamisanriku Training Plans

With the Learning Programs at MINAMISANRIKU 311 Memorial as a pillar, we provide multifaceted and deeper learning through fieldwork in the affected areas and dialogue and exchanges with residents and local business owners.