MINAMISANRIKU 311 Memorial Archives

南三陸311メモリアル アーカイブス 

Archives of Video Accounts

The MINAMISANRIKU 311 Memorial has a collection of 91 firsthand video accounts (about 81 hours in total) from residents who experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake. We present clips from selected videos according to the theme of each exhibition. More video accounts can be viewed in the Exhibition Gallery in the museum.

  • Onodera Hiroshi

    Farmer and chairperson of the Building a Great Utatsu Association
    Food distribution by Kamisawa village / Tsunami and place names / Passing down lessons for future generation

  • Nagayama Ryuichi

    Firefighter, chief of the Minamisanriku Fire Station at the time
    Experience and lessons learned as a firefighter

  • Asokawa Atsushi

    Principal, Togura Elementary School at the time
    Evacuation of Togura Elementary School

  • Suzuki Kiyomi

    Parents Association, Nozomi Welfare Workshop
    Caught by the tsunami at Nozomi Welfare Workshop

  • Onodera Sho

    A second year student at Togura Junior High School at the time, Gyozan-ryu Mitobe Shishi-Odori Preservation Association
    Experience of facing the threat of the tsunami at Togura Junior High School and revitalization of Shishi-odori

Digital Archives of the Great East Japan Earthquake

The museum has compiled 85 documents that detail episodes that have unfolded in various places in Minamisanriku since the Great East Japan Earthquake. These are now being shared with the public. The Exhibition Gallery highlights selected episodes according to the theme of each exhibition. On the exhibition banner, visitors can see more photographs.