[Event Report] Disaster prevention workshop held by former Self-Defense Force comedian Tokkagun

On Saturday, March 9th, we held a disaster prevention workshop at the Minamisanriku 3/11 Memorial and Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Memorial Park, inviting former Self-Defense Force YouTuber Tokkagun.

First, we took a learning program at the Minamisanriku 311 Memorial.

This program involves participants watching video testimonies from townspeople who experienced the earthquake, thinking about questions that arise during the testimony, discussing them together with other participants, and thinking about disaster prevention as something that applies to them personally.

Even though they were meeting for the first time, they engaged in lively discussions on a variety of topics, including natural disasters that people think about in their own lives.

After sharing what happened in Minamisanriku Town and how people from different areas felt about it, and gaining a deeper understanding of disaster prevention, the participants then headed to the Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Memorial Park.

On the bridge leading to the Memorial Park, the participants looked out over the area while listening to Tokkagun's unique commentary. Why is the river running under the bridge over the Memorial Park designed that way? We deepened our knowledge of natural disasters by interspersing quizzes such as these.
We looked at the disaster prevention building together and were reminded of the threat of nature.

Next, the venue moved to the indoor Portal Center for a Tokkagun-style workshop using disaster prevention items!

At the same time as the workshop, handwritten disaster prevention guidelines were distributed.
All of these were important ways of thinking about disaster prevention. It was wonderful knowledge that made me think about various things, such as the fact that there is always a risk in our daily lives, and not just thinking "this is better," but "trying to do what we can" and "making use of what we have."

The workshop included a challenge exercise in which participants tried to cut a rope without any tools, a practical exercise to see how to transport relief supplies quickly, and practice in moving safely using a rope.

Before we knew it, the workshop had lasted more than three hours, exceeding the scheduled time.

This project was a collaboration with Tokkagun, a YouTuber from Minamisanriku and former member of the Self-Defense Forces. I hope to continue collaborating with him in the future to think about and tackle disaster prevention together!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, especially Tokkagun!

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Date and time: Saturday, March 9th
Venue: Minamisanriku 311 Memorial Learning Theater, Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Memorial Park, Minamisanriku Portal Center Communication Room Guest: Tokkagun (Kohei Onodera)