[Information about new programs] Various storyteller programs are available

At the Minamisanriku 311 Memorial, in addition to the learning programs that you can take in the museum, we have prepared various programs that lead to deeper learning about preparing to protect your own life and disaster prevention and mitigation.
We will also propose a itinerary that combines each program according to your learning purpose.
Please see the page of each program for details.

[Town walk storyteller]

A guide living in Minamisanriku will tell you about the situation and experiences since the Great East Japan Earthquake while showing you around the affected areas.
While looking up close at the remains of the disaster, the Former Disaster Countermeasures Government Building, which still remains today, listen to what happened at that time, and compare the current state of the townscape before the earthquake by looking at photographs and other materials, and see what happened in the Great East Japan Earthquake. It is the content that you can learn and feel with your five senses.
While walking with a guide in a small group, you can also listen to your own concerns and questions about natural disasters.
Would you like to have an opportunity to think about "disaster prevention", "recovery from earthquake disasters" and "natural disasters" with a storyteller guide who experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake?

* If you are thinking of using it in a group, please see here ▶ [For groups] Storytelling club

[Learning program by storytellers]

From the state of the town before the earthquake, we will tell you about the damage situation and evacuation of the town at the time of the earthquake, as well as the stories of the storytellers themselves and their current thoughts.
The program guides are residents who have continued to live in the town even after the earthquake and have watched over the region's reconstruction. By listening to the real voices of local residents living in this area at the actual disaster site, it will lead to an increase in one's own awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation.
It is also possible to arrange for young guides who were junior high and high school students at the time of the earthquake.

[Earthquake Storyteller Lecture/Online ~➀The Great East Japan Earthquake that I experienced / ②Evacuation center life told by the operator~]

A new program born in July 2020. As the name suggests, this is a lecture-style program in which storytellers will talk to participants about their experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the road to recovery up to the present through an online video call system.
People in remote areas are also increasing their use for corporate training, pre-learning such as school trips, assignment training, disaster prevention learning, etc. as an opportunity to raise awareness of disaster prevention. Up to 100 lines can be connected simultaneously.

[Program to learn from Minamisanriku people]

We will learn lessons learned from the disaster by listening to the progress, thoughts, and determinations of business owners and business people who have risen from the unprecedented earthquake and are working hard to rebuild their businesses in the town.
From the perspective of career development, this is a lecture-style program that allows students to experience broadening their horizons necessary for social and professional independence for their future.