[visit information] All of Shizugawa high school third graders were visited

On January 18th, third-year students from Shizugawa High School, the only high school in Minamisanriku Town, visited the Minamisanriku 311 Memorial.

This is a part of the "learning about hometown Minamisanriku" that is held every year. In previous years, they used high schools as venues to learn about disaster prevention, such as lectures on earthquake disasters.

Before participating in the program, Mayor Hitoshi Sato talked about the actual damage caused by the earthquake in Minamisanriku-cho, the history of reconstruction in 2011, and the purpose of establishing the facility as "Earthquake disaster tradition, disaster prevention education, and gratitude." rice field.

What you saw this time is the regular program ② "Can you protect your life at that time?" In this program, junior high school students and Shizugawa High School students at the time of the disaster talk about their experiences of the disaster, what they felt from that experience, and what they think now, 11 years later.

Seeing the actions of their seniors and what happened at the school they are attending, many students were surprised and at the same time felt that even high school students could make use of their training and experience to do something. It seems that.

Since opening on October 1, 2018, the number of opportunities for use by many schools, including those in Minamisanriku, has increased. Last November, the 3rd and 6th graders of Shizugawa Elementary School participated in a learning program as part of disaster prevention learning, and we have received reservations from several elementary schools in the future.

We believe that one of the roles of the Minamisanriku 311 Memorial is to pass on the experiences of Minamisanriku to local children born and raised in Minamisanriku, as well as to children of a generation who do not know about the earthquake. I'm here. Seeing the children of a generation who did not know about the earthquake earnestly trying to learn, we were able to refresh our minds to do what we can do together with everyone in the community. I was.

Thank you for visiting us.